Delivering by bike in St. Paul since the 2014 Polar Vortex!
who we are

Who We Are

At Brake Bread, we believe that bread and bikes build community. We're a hardworking, generous group of bakers and bikers that care as much about our neighbors as we do about our craft. Since our start in 2014, we've moved from being two friends on bikes working out of a rented kitchen to a small staff delivering hundreds of items every day from our bakery on W 7th Street in beautiful St. Paul MN. Our hard work has paid off with awards from Food & Wine Magazine (100 best bakeries) and The Food Network (Top 50 Bread Bakeries). But most importantly, the pay off is in bringing our fresh bread and pastries to the homes of our neighbors and being part of their everyday connections.
In addition to delivery by bike, our walk up retail is open
Fri-Sat 8 - noon

What We Do

We bake bread and deliver it by bike. But not just bread! We also make fresh traditional pastries and partner with a number of other folks to bring you pantry staples, locally roasted coffee, tea, jam, honey, and even bike accessories like tubes, lights, bells, and horns!

As a subscription-based bakery, we bake fresh bread and pastries every day and load them up on bikes to deliver throughout St. Paul. Our bread is naturally leavened for health and flavor and we use organic grains (mostly grown in MN) in everything we bake.

We deliver by bike year-round. Our bikes now use e-assist and pull big ol' Bikes At Work trailers. If it's not safe to be on a bike we've got a sag wag.

Our delivery method and community focus got us Metro Transit's Commuters Choice Organization of the Year award as well as St. Paul's Business Award for Good Neighbor.

nate bakes adam on bike
nate bakes adam on bike

Meet the team



(she/her/hers) Brake Bread Baker, a true Hufflepuff, and lover of show tunes and Disney songs



(he/him/his) Hauls the bread and makes the podcast for your ears and hearts.



(he/him/his) Joe wrote this bio while delivering bread by bike, so you could say, he likes to stay active. Also loves spending time with his family and pets. Joe has been a fond admirer of bicycles since he can remember and loves to work on them.



(he/him/his) Unny is grateful to bike the bread to you. Unny enjoys singing while biking, and would also be happy if you interrupted his singing to say hello!

Katie H


(she/her/hers) Baker, gallivanter, and appreciator of the simple things in life. When not slinging loaves, you can find Katie practicing yoga, on a hiking trail, or dancing to some groovy music!

Katie T


(she/her/hers) Biker and front of house. Katie enjoys writing, sewing, and being outside.

Katie T


(she/her/hers) Alex is a baker! She loves food stories, traditional food ways, and being in front of a hot oven. Other fav activities: drawing, dancing, walking, reading cookbooks, being with sheep, writing, and being in total awe of it all.



(he/him/his) Brake Bread cofounder and friend who helps where needed and likes to make things happen


(he/him/his) baker/ biker/ thinker/ tinker/ cofounder

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