Position: Baker 30 hrs.

Position Description: Brake Bread is looking for a Baker that loves baking naturally leavened breads. We want someone that geeks out over a bold bake and a good ear. Who enjoys the challenge of whole grains and heritage wheat. Who has the sticktoitiveness to develop new recipes and a dedication to the craft that does not bore of the repetition of consistent daily offerings. Also, everybody does dishes. Everybody cleans. Everybody lends a hand as needed.

General Schedule: Monday-Friday // some Saturday-Sunday
Opening shift starts at 5am. Closing shift ends by 6pm.
30 hrs a week.
Some variation and late night/early mornings depending on customer needs.

Company Description: At Brake Bread we believe that good things take time. This is as true with bread as it is with community. Brake Bread is a neighborhood bakery located in the West End of St. Paul at 1174 W. 7th Street. We began in 2014 as a Community Supported Bakery, baking bread and delivering it by bike. We continue to do this in addition to having a small retail area where people can buy bread, scones, cookies, and toast. We are small. We know our customers. We love our neighborhood. We believe that the quality of our bakery is a reflection of the the quality of life for those who work here. As an employer we seek to provide a just wage and reasonable hours. As we grow we expect the benefits to our employees to grow with us.

Ideal Characteristics:

  • Love bread

  • Love people

  • Willing collaborater

  • Practice patience

  • Learn from mistakes

  • Open communicator

  • Enjoys problem solving

  • Doesn’t freak out. Much.


  • Experience working with naturally leavened breads

  • Working understanding of Baker’s Percentages

  • Able to manage and plan multiple dough schedules

  • Able to safely and regularly lift 50lb bags of flour

  • Food safety experience/certification

  • Neat and organized

  • Detail oriented

  • Good with spreadsheets

Technologies/Equipment we use:

  • Deck Oven (Empire, gas)

  • Spiral Mixer (ABS)

  • Spreadsheets. Oodles and oodles of spreadsheets.

To Apply Send us an e-mail: admin@brakebread.com subject: Baker Applicant
Include the following:

  • Name and contact info

  • Work History (where you’ve worked, what you did there, what you liked about it, why you left, that sort of stuff)

  • Your baking experience both personal and professional

  • Where you’d like to be 5 years from now and how working at Brake Bread is going to get you there

  • One joke

  • Hourly wage expectation

  • Why do you want to work at Brake Bread specifically?