No power here


We learned something interesting, it takes power to build a bakery. Not empowerment… but literal electricity. We’ve been in a holding pattern for over a week while we wait for Xcel Energy to update the power connected to our building. They came and saw that the pole was not structurally sound and needed to be replaced. Strangely enough, CenturyLink owns the pole. So… yeah. We wait for things that we cannot control. This, in turn has delayed us.

So what do we do in the meantime? Bake of course! We’ve been providing cupcakes for the Bucket Brigade’s performance of ‘Til Death. We also have been businessing like crazy. Setting up fulfillment systems, mapping out a work flow, and … wait for it… writing out job descriptions.

Now off to hit the bricks!

Micah is businessing while Nate drinks coffee. #divisionoflabor

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w/ sprouted wheat berries #naturallyleavened

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In case you're wondering, this is more brick than a home oven can handle. #getbent #yourewelcome #psa

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