Brake Bread is a local bakery and we build on this by supporting local producers and suppliers.

2016 holiday hours

We will be closed the Thursday and Friday of Thanksgiving. We will be open again Saturday 11/26 from 8-2. We will also be closed the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

What is your bread schedule

Our breads are naturally leavened with a wild yeast starter and undergo a slow fermentation process. This yields a more nutritious, easy to digest bread with great depth of flavor and long natural keeping qualities.   EVERY DAY Classic Cruiser … Continued

What time is bread available?

Sweets out of the oven at 8am Bread out of the oven at 10am Delivery days (Tues-Thurs) bread starts getting delivered around 11am

How, when, and where do we find you?

Here is the short of it – The long of it is: 1174 7th St W, St Paul, MN 55102 Tuesday 8AM–6PM Wednesday 8AM–6PM Thursday 8AM–6PM Friday 8AM–6PM Saturday 8AM–2PM Sunday Closed Monday Closed

What is the delivery area?

Here is our delivery map. The different colored sections show our delivery zones and the pins are our pickup locations. These are also listed on our join page.

What’s In Your Bread?

You know the old saying, “What’s in your bread?” Of course not. Because no one says that. Too bad, because we’ve got an answer: Swany. That’s who we get our flour from. Why? Because we love you and we want … Continued

Bread care

We are often asked how to care for our bread. Our response to that is usually that you should care a lot. But in general we follow what Morrell’s Bread says, “Bread likes to breathe. The best way to keep … Continued

Are you nuts?

We are not a peanut free facility. We do not use any nuts in our breads currently. We do uses some seeds, currently flax and sunflower. Spelt flour has a slightly nutty taste just by it’s own flavor profile, not by … Continued