What’s In Your Bread?

You know the old saying, “What’s in your bread?” Of course not. Because no one says that. Too bad, because we’ve got an answer: Swany. That’s who we get our flour from. Why? Because we love you and we want you to have the best, obviously. But there are other reasons too.


We use their wheat flour, organic whole wheat flour, and organic rye
flour in our breads. It’s consistent and tastes great. Many folks fear whole wheat because they’ve had bread made with old wheat which goes rancid. It comes out bitter and… yucky. The freshly ground organic whole wheat flour from Swany is the opposite. Sweet and enticingly aromatic. You can’t beat the flavor.


The grain is sourced in MN and the Dakotas and Swany Mill is located down 94 in Freeport, MN, home of Charlie’s Cafe and a trail stop on the Lake Wobegon bike trail. But no, we don’t pick up our flour by bike. And here you thought we were perfect.


When you call Swany White Flour Mills, Gary answers the phone. And when the flour is being milled, Gary is milling the flour. And if you stop by Charlie’s Cafe around 1pm you may get a booth next to Gary. We did. We also got a souvenir mug. Tourists.

We like supporting smaller independent businesses and so do you. We thought you’d like to know that when you subscribe to Brake Bread we do our best to keep your money circulating through local and sustainable businesses every step of the way.
Now enough about our awesome source of flour. Go eat your bread!
Oh, and if you want to bake your own bread give Gary a call, and treat yourself to some super rad flour.

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