Hey look! It’s a newsletter from Brake Bread – Jan – 2015!

Change is not for the week

For new customers, starting today, we are changing how we handle subscriptions.

We are moving to weekly recurring charges instead of monthly. The weekly delivery rate will change to $5 per week ($4.75 for pick up) charged the Sunday before delivery.

The weekly subscription allows us enough time to account for any changes in the week and helps with consistency from week to week. $5 is also an increase from the $4.50/week that existing customers are charged monthly. Until March 1st we will extend the previous price to new customers by using the coupon “FIFTYOFF”. So, if you or someone you know has been on the fence about signing up, now is the time to subscribe.

Again, there is no change for existing customers. The new rate and weekly charge is for new customers. Contact us if you have questions.

We’re king of the hill

The nice folks at Christ Lutheran on Capital Hill have joined up to be the latest pick up location.
You can now choose Christ Lutheran on the subscription form. On delivery day, pick up between 12:30-4 from the back entrance. As always contact us if you have questions.

All Aboard

We love supporting our neighborhood businesses, and we obviously love the simplicity of the subscription model. We are not alone! Our friends at Aboveboard Construction have an amazing subscription-based handyman service. They currently have room for a few more subscribers. Check out all the details at aboveboardmn.com.

Your favorite weird-doughs,
Nate & Micah

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