sliced bread

January 2014 Newsletter

How do you spell success?


The first trial came and went and we learned a lot.
We learned:

  • Goggles and balaclavas make winter biking joyful.
  • Baking local bread goes well with listening to local music.
  • Neighborhood paper maps require laminating and mounting on a bike (Nate’s working on that).
  • It’s good to have a pen or marker of some kind to write customers’ names on bags at public drop off sites.
  • And… most importantly…You are all amazing people!

So many hellos. So many nice things on Facebook and Twitter. Such encouragement (both verbally and financially). I think I can honestly say Nate and I are overwhelmed… and we’ve only just begun!

We are already making tweaks to the process for the second trial on February 12th and looking forward to what’s next. Until then follow us on Twitter at and feel free to contact us with any questions or thoughts.

Nate & Micah
Brake Bread

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