March 2014 Newsletter

Howdy Breadies!

Another great month has come and gone for Brake Bread. We are are really excited to be delivering bread we are proud of to a commuity we love. Enough with the mushy stuff… on to business!

Bread Care

We are often asked how to care for our bread. Our response to that is usually that you should care a lot. But in general we follow what Morrell’s Bread says,

“Bread likes to breathe. The best way to keep … bread fresh … is in the paper bag or wrapped in a cloth towel at room temperature. Putting the bread into the refrigerator actually speeds up the staling process! [Our] bread [can be] frozen in aluminum foil. Let it thaw overnight in the foil and then warm it up a little in a slow oven to wick away any condensation.”


You can see how we use our bread on our Facebook page. We’d love to see how you are using our bread. If you are on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram tag your creations with #brakebrecipes and we’ll pass them along to the Brake Bread community.
If you have an extended recipe, feel free to email it to us and we’ll put it up on our site. Check out our first submission of a Berry Vanilla Bread Pudding from Lori at Home Away From Home. Yummers!

30 days of biking

“What is 30 Days of Biking? Very simply, it’s a pledge to ride your bike every day in April, however far you want, no matter the weather!”

We at Brake Bread HQ love biking. It’s a good thing because we also love bread. So burn off a couple of calories this April and get out on your bicycle. We’ve taken the pledge and we’d love to give you a reason to as well.

During the month of April when you bike, post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the tag of #brakebread30. At the end of April we’ll randomly choose from one of the posts and gift a month’s subscription to a person of the winner’s choice (by delivering an extra loaf to the winner). The more you ride and add the tag to your social network, the more you are entered to win!

Save some dough

Want to save a dollar on your subscription? Pick it up!

We’ve really enjoyed partnering with Vine Park Brewery as our first pick up location. We’d love to offer another location near St. Paul. So let us know if you or someone you know has a publicly accessible business near St. Paul in our delivery area.

Like having your bread delivered to your doorstep but want a discount? Who wouldn’t! Then refer us to a friend. Make sure your friend puts your name in the subcription form comments and we’ll take a little off your subscription for each referral. You get a discount, we get more business, it’s a symbiotic relationship.


We’ve been asked by many folks outside our delivery area how they can support us. So we’ve brought back the open “donation” form for investing in what Brake Bread is doing.

Delivery area

Speaking of our delivery area, we have already expanded slightly beyond our initial delivery area. So if you are close to the delivery area contact us and let us know and we’ll try to make it work.

We are also interested in starting more CSA-like pick up locations through out the Twin Cities in the coming months. Contact us if that is something that you’d like to be a part of as well.

Bread, Bikes, and Beyond

Nate & Micah

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