October Newsletter


Rollin' in the dough. HA! We at Brake Bread love a good pun (as you can tell from our newsletter). So when the anchor at Twin Cities Live came back with his punny gem after our feature story, we knew then all was right in the world.

It isn’t just the bread that comes out of Brake Bread that has people talking. The way Nate Houge and Micah Taylor, the two owners of the company, deliver the bread is causing quite a buzz.

Twin Cities Live article

Bread-Bo Baggins

We love surprises! If you've received more than one canvas bag, please leave all the extras out this week and we'll get them to new customers.
Need help remembering? You can check our Twitter or Facebook page the day before, or morning of, delivery and likely see a post about the bag reminder. Or you can reply back to this email with your cell number and we'll auto-magically text you the night before with a reminder.

Are you referring to me?

Brake Bread would be nothing without referrals. All of our success has been completely based on word-of-mouth. And we want to thank you for doing that going forward. Tell your friends to say you referred them in the subscription form and we'll credit $1 to their account, and yours, for the following month!

Another kind of pick-me-up

Remember. Just because someone is outside our delivery area, doesn't mean you can't refer a friend. Our pickup locations welcome all at Mississippi Market on West 7th and Vine Park Brewery

Doughn't forget to have a spooktacular Halloween!
Nate & Micah

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