What time is it!? – November newsletter

A December to remember…

…to remember that we won't be delivering on Wednesday Dec 24th. Refunds will follow. We will be delivering on Wednesday Dec 31st. Ring in the New Year with a bread hangover.

Full court press

Lots of great people saying lots of great things about Brake Bread.

It's not late, naw, naw, it's just early

Spin Doctors anyone? No? Good for you. We've changed up our baking process a bit which has allowed us to begin making deliveries earlier on Wednesday. We are now usually on our bikes after lunch and delivering delicious bread to your homes and offices between 1-3 PM. Holla if this impacts you in any way.

Gettin' squirrely

Even the squirrels in the West 7th neighborhood have good taste. The canvas bread bags seem to keep most bread-loving critters at bay but not always. If you've had any issues feel free to leave out a cooler, extra toolbox, or an original Brake Bread box creation all your own for you to receive your bread delivery. Just make it obvious by putting a note the first couple of times. Sometimes we get biking brain fatigue… that's right… we're endurance athletes.

Your thankful neighborhood biking bakers,
Nate & Micah

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