Become a subscriber and get 10% off the retail price of all Brake Bread products.

Fresh bread, pastries, cookies, and coffee delivered weekly or bi-weekly to your home, office, or pickup location by bike.

How does it work?

  • Click on the subscribe button

  • Choose your delivery location (see map below)

  • Choose a subscription (or multiple subscriptions)

  • Wait for that bike to show up!

How much does delivery cost?

Home delivery is $1.25 per delivery.

Pick-up locations = no delivery fee.

Can I customize my order?

Yup! Each week you can enjoy what we've selected for you or log in to your account to switch things up. Add some pastries, coffee, honey or jam, put your account on hold for while you're out of town or make any payment changes. Once you set up an account, you’re in charge.

Which Delivery Zone Am I In?

Use this map to see which delivery zone you are in.

We also offer pickup spots (no delivery fee!) at the following locations:

Tue - Bean Factory

Wed - Vine Park, Christ Lutheran on Capitol Hill, MPR, Dept of Human Services, MN DNR/PCA

Thu - Eggplant Urban Farm Supply, Express Bike Shop

Fri - Beaningful Coffee @Osborne370

Terms & Conditions

Changes in your account,(holds, bread choices, or add ons) must be made by the following days:

For Tuesday Delivery - by Friday at noon

For Wednesday & Thursday delivery -by Sunday at noon

For Friday delivery - by Wednesday at noon

We deliver on bikes year round! That’s our schtick and we’re schticking to it. Sometimes, snow and ice slow us down. But so far it has worked. If we get a day where the weather would put our delivery bikers in a dangerous situation we may up the carbon footprint. But till then? All bikes all the time.

If your delivery day coincides with a major holiday, such as Nate's birthday, we will let you know of any schedule changes.

If we screw up your order let us know. We’ll make it right or refund your money.

If you need to cancel your subscription we will refund any money remaining in your account. We require two days prior notice of your delivery.

Home Delivery    
We currently have 3 delivery zones
Bread is delivered weekly on your delivery day between noon and 4 pm.
The default delivery location is to hang the bread on your front door. On your delivery day please hang a bag on your door by noon. If no bag is available we will leave it in a recyclable or compostable bag that you can reuse in future weeks.
A handful of folks have had squirrel problems. If this happens we suggest a container such as a small rubber maid bin.
If you would like us to leave your bread somewhere besides the front door please let us know. (Especially helpful when delivering to your workplace or apt.)

Pick Up Sites    
Pick Up site delivery times are listed when you choose your pickup site. This is generally 3pm- location closes, BUT always check the specific site for details.
Your name will be on the pickup list at the site. Please check off your name when picking up your bread.        
Some weeks, we have multiple bread options. Please check that you are picking up the correct bread.    
Bread is available until the close of your pickup site. (varies by site, check with us or the site for times).    
After the pickup site closes for the day the bread is donated.