Delivering by bike in St. Paul since the 2014 Polar Vortex!

Terms & Conditions

When you become a Brake Bread Subscriber you’re joining us in building community with bikes and bread. We continue to grow, but at the heart, we remain a neighborhood bakery. We’re in this together. Here are a few things to keep us on the same page.

For Home Delivery

Please provide a delivery space that is safe from pests and inclement weather. An enclosed porch, cooler, or lidded bin works great.

If you live in an apt/condo we will need access to the building and delivery instructions.

If a secure delivery space is not available we will do our best to protect your delivery, but we are not responsible for any weather, squirrel, or other damage that may occur as a result.

For Pick up spots

When picking up your delivery from a pickup location your order will be labeled with your name and the contents of your order. 

Your pick-up site address and instructions are available under the “Pick-Up Directions” tab in your online account.

Any items not picked up by the time your pick up site closes will be donated. No refunds are issued for unclaimed orders.

Delivery Mix-Ups

If you have an issue with your delivery contact us and we will make it right. If a replacement isn’t possible we will credit your account.


We deliver by bike year-round. If it’s safe to be out, we do it. If it’s not safe or if there are mechanical issues we will deliver by automobile. This generally happens about 4-10 times a year. Mostly in winter. No surprise.

Payments and Fees

Brake Bread bills the day before delivery.

For payments 7 days past due, your account will be suspended until either a payment has been made or a plan to make a payment has been communicated with Brake Bread staff. 

The annual subscription fee is non-refundable.

Delivery fee changes will be communicated with at least 1-week notice.

There is no cancellation fee.


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