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Bag check.

Bread Bags. Aren’t they great? They hang on our door, receive delicious bread, and don’t end up on Gilligan’s Island. If you’ve received more than one canvas bag, please leave all the extras out this week and we’ll get them to new customers.
Need help remembering to leave those Brake Bread bags (say that 5 times fast… no really… I’ll wait) out on Wednesdays? You can check our Twitter or Facebook page the day before, or morning of, delivery and likely see a post about the bag reminder. Or you can reply back to this email with your cell number and we’ll auto-magically text you the night before with a reminder. Message and data rates apply… I suppose that’s a business-y like thing that we should say, too. Business FTW!


GIA Kitchen (where we bake our delicious bread) brought in a great new rack that allows us to bake even more loaves at one time. What does that mean for you? Absolutely nothing! But for us it means we now have space for more bread for customers. Sign up a friend or spread the word… and spread the butter on your bread while you’re at it.

The shirts off our back.

The kind folks at Rubber Biscuit who printed the aforementioned canvas bags printed a handful of shirts for the Brake Bread team to sport around town. You can pre-order yours at our site. Right now it only comes in baker’s white… cuz… you know… we be bakin’.

Want a buck?

No, we aren’t handing out money but we are handing out bike rides on our bikes… that is, of course, if you are an iPhone making a Hyperlapse. See what it’s like to bike through the streets of St Paul.

Six months into this bread thing and we couldn’t be happier to be baking bread for you nice folks. Thanks again for all of your business and support.

Bread Baking Buddies (5x fast),
Nate & Micah

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