June Newsletter

Canvas bags

It’s no mystery that a kid growing up in the 80s was excited over the Garbage Patch Kids. It goes without saying that Sk8 Nate is a Brake Bread fave. Let us know if anyone happens to have one still in their collection.

That being said, the idea of a garbage island floating in the ocean called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is not nearly as exciting. We at Brake Bread HQ would like to minimize our addition to the issue by reducing the amount of plastic bags we use for bread delivery. So, if you happen to have a canvas bag, and remember on a Wednesday morning before heading out the door, please leave it out for us to use instead of the recyclable plastic bags we are currently using. We are working on having some canvas bags available to purchase in the near future as well. We’ll still keep using the plastic bags if it’s raining or if you happen to forget. But Clark Shark and all his ocean friends will thank us for it.

No delivery July 16th

July is the month for vacations. Brake Bread HQ will be taking a vacation day on Wednesday, July 16th. There will be no bread delivery, and refunds will be issued. If you’d prefer two loaves the following week instead of the refund, contacts us.

Book us in July for a class

We are currently booking sessions for the month of July. Contact us if you’d be interested in us leading a class, workshop, or individual instruction. Some options are leading devotionals at a chapel, leading a group class on an intro to artisan bread baking, or giving you some bread pointers in your own kitchen.

Don’t forget the sunscreen,
Nate & Micah

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