May Newsletter


We were on a quite a media high after all the great press from last month and thought we’d be hard pressed (ha, ha) to top that. But somehow we found James Norton from The Heavy Table on The Current talking about Brake Bread. Needless to say we were happy to finally make it on The Current, even if it wasn’t for our music.

St. Paul has it all…

Including bread delivery into downtown St. Paul now! After having a booth at last month’s The Future of Fourth we realized it was time to go downtown and bring bread to the masses. So starting last week we offically deliver to downtown St. Paul. Check out our updated delivery map. Also, let us know if there are any St. Paul Facebook groups that we should notify!

Twenty more and counting

Now that we are rolling (literally) in the downtown area, we now have space for 20 more subscriptions. Get your spot now while it’s hot!

Getting classy

The Brake Bread boys have been invited recently to teach classes on artisan bread baking to various groups. Sound like something you or your organization might be interested in? Then drop us a line.

Thanks again for all your continued support!

Bread, Bikes, & Beyond,
Nate & Micah

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