Share The Loaf

What is Share The Loaf?

Share The Loaf is a ‘bread it forward’ program. It is a way for Brake Bread to be a community conduit for neighbors to give and receive bread freely and joyfully with no strings attached. Share the Loaf is rooted in connection. Our hope is that anyone coming into the shop will take the opportunity to pick up a free loaf of bread and use it as an excuse to build community. That may mean inviting a friend over for dinner, dropping it off to meet a new neighbor, hooking up a friend at home with a new baby, or feeding your own family during a time of transition.

How to use a Loaf Share:

We hang up the available Loaf Shares by the register. Just hand one to us and let us know which loaf of bread you would like. It’s really just that simple.

Ways to Purchase a Loaf Share:

  • Stop by Brake Bread and buy one. Done!

  • Buy one on our online store. (note: sometimes our online store doubles as our holiday pre-order store. If you’re buying a loaf share, just ignore the rest of the stuff. It’s not a marketing ploy, we just only have one online store option.)

  • Current subscribers can add the occasional Loaf Share to your order in the online store OR add a weekly or biweekly Share The Loaf subscription by going to your account and clicking ‘Subscription Change’ and add “Share the Loaf” for weekly or biweekly gifting.

  • For non-subscribers who would like to bread if forward on a weekly or bi-weekly basis:

How Does it work?

A Loaf Share costs $5. Loaf Share certificates can be purchase in store or online as one time purchases or as ongoing subscriptions. When customers purchase a Loaf Share a certificate is hung up at the shop that can be redeemed for a free loaf of bread for anyone that comes in and needs a loaf of bread. Loaf Share certificates can also be given away for someone else to bring in at another time.