Fresh baked bread
delivered weekly to your door
by bicycle!

The Breads

Poppy Wheelie Sesame

Naturally leavened bread with toasted poppy seeds and sesame seeds

Classic Cruiser

Naturally leavened with a hint of wheat and a dark rich crust

Flip Flop

Half white half whole wheat bread

Granny Gear

A rustic lean bread with a slight nutty flavor and an open crumb

Single Speed

A rustic lean bread with a chewy crust and a moist open crumb


What’s In Your Bread?

You know the old saying, “What’s in your bread?” Of course not. Because no one says that. Too bad, because we’ve got an answer: Swany. That’s who we get our flour from. Why? Because we love you and we want … Continued

Bread care

We are often asked how to care for our bread. Our response to that is usually that you should care a lot. But in general we follow what Morrell’s Bread says, “Bread likes to breathe. The best way to keep … Continued

Are you nuts?

We do not use any nuts in our breads. We do uses some seeds, currently flax and sunflower. We bake in a peanut free facility but it is not nut free. The closest we would come to cross contamination with … Continued

I’m missing a week. What do I do with my delivery?

If you find yourself out of town for the week, or you are unable to receive your delivery or pick it up at our pick up locations, there are a couple of options: 1. You could ask for a refund … Continued

In the Press

Brake Bread on Twin Cities Live

“It isn’t just the bread that comes out of Brake Bread that has people talking.  The way Nate Houge and Micah Taylor, the two owners of the company, deliver the bread is causing quite a buzz.    At Brake Bread, the … Continued

Wabasha Street Block Party

We had a blast at the 2nd annual Wabasha Street Block Party! We even made it in to a video from the City of St. Paul about the Wabasha Street Block Party!   Below are some of the nice faces … Continued

Brake Bread in the Pioneer Press

Nate and Micah do a Q&A for the Pi Press