Delivering by bike in St. Paul since the 2014 Polar Vortex!

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We believe that bread and bikes build community. And that's what we do!
Our bikes deliver naturally leavened bread, traditional pastries, and essential pantry items. Together we create sustainable food systems by supporting regional farmers and local makers.

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Why Brake Bread?

Every subscription directly supports MN farmers, millers, bakers, and makers.
Each year our bike delivery offsets over 20,000 trips by car.
Us being us helps you be you. And vice versa.
We're a conduit for community connection.
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What Our Customers Say

"Brake Bread shows how a real community business can work - welcoming everyone and treating them with love, build new connections, and sending people on their way happier then when they came in."

-Colin McFadden

"We saw you riding uphill and down when we lived in Highland, hailed you to understand what the heck you were hauling through rain, snow, sleet etc... Modern day pony express! We're hooked. Have been loyal fans ever since."

-Abby Dawkins

"Around Halloween I bumped into our delivery biker wearing a Cookie Monster costume and I was greeted with a "Would you like a cookie?" Never have I been more convinced of the value that Brake Bread brings to the neighborhood."

-Dayton Daberkow

"Bread delivered by bike every week... who could resist that? Not only is the bread great, but you can add pastries, coffee, jam, honey, and other goodies! These guys do an amazing job of supporting, promoting, and feeding the neighborhood... so our small support is magnified!"

-Susan Christenson

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