Fresh baked bread
delivered weekly to your door
by bicycle!

The Breads

Recurring cast of characters

The most up to date list –

Poppy Wheelie Sesame

Naturally leavened bread with toasted poppy seeds and sesame seeds

Classic Cruiser

Naturally leavened with a hint of wheat and a dark rich crust

Flip Flop

Half white half whole wheat bread

Granny Gear

A rustic lean bread with a slight nutty flavor and an open crumb

Single Speed

A rustic lean bread with a chewy crust and a moist open crumb


What is the difference between bi-weekly schedule A and B?

A and B are alternate schedules. For example, the next B delivery is on Sep. 1st and the next A delivery is on Sep. 8. We set this up for folks who like to alternate between cookies one week and … Continued

What time is bread available?

Sweets out of the oven at 8am Bread out of the oven at 10am Delivery days (Tues-Thurs) bread starts getting delivered around 11am

How, when, and where do we find you?

Here is the short of it – The long of it is: 1174 7th St W, St Paul, MN 55102 Tuesday 8AM–6PM Wednesday 8AM–6PM Thursday 8AM–6PM Friday 8AM–6PM Saturday 8AM–2PM Sunday Closed Monday Closed

What is the delivery area?

Here is our delivery map. The different colored sections show our delivery zones and the pins are our pickup locations. These are also listed on our join page.

In the Press

BB in the Star Tribune

The bikes help grab attention, but it’s the product that delivers, the partners say.

Brake Bread Brakery Grand Opening

St. Paul’s Brake Bread is celebrating the grand opening of its retail bakery with 3 days of specials and events July 14-16. Enter to win free swag, play bakery themed games like Toss Your Cookies, go on a family friendly … Continued

Soft opening

A lot has happened since we posted to the site but the TLDR is we unlocked the doors and let the world in. We might cry… but we might also be REALLY tired.